Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Wehrmacht and the Professor.

Several projects got finished this weekend;

Stuka - JU87G

My inital German forces have been themed mostly for Normandy, where the Allies had air supremacy and German aircraft in the skies were rare as hens teeth... so I had never bothered with getting any German aircraft.

However, since my group is shifting focus, to include the Eastern Front for both MidWar and LateWar, and the Mediterranean, suddenly I find myself able to field ground attack aircraft. So I grabbed myself a Stuka, the JU87. This could be equipped with Bombs, the D model, or cannon, the G model. I went for the later, preferring the accuracy of the cannons...

It had quite a good outing against Paul on Friday night, making a bit of a mess of his MidWar Canadian Sherman company. Certainly scratched the paintwork at any rate... Paul hadn't equipped his Shermans with 50cal AA guns so the stukas could pretty much roam free. They just had to be wary of the wave off distance to friendly troops.

Aircraft have become more effective in the V3 rules, with auto range in for targets caught in the open. It has made the use of anti-aircraft guns necessary for most forces.

'Shot down' - showing the underside magnetic attachment for display pedestal.
Next up...

Marder III H

Another ubiquitous platoon for the Wehrmacht forces, the Marder - a self propelled Anti Tank gun, rather than a tank. It mounts the fearsome PaK40 7.5cm anti-tank gun on a small panzer chassis. Capable of knocking out even heavy tanks, and often used in an ambushing role where possible, mission and forces dependant - often leading to the term; "I got 'mardered' !" ;-)

This variant is the III H, used from MidWar period onwards.

A small platoon of two vehicles, at this point, which will be increased to 4 once my Maelstromgames order arrives.

A platoon of 4 Marders will give me quite a handy unit for the table, giving me good tank killing ability at a cheap points costs, and maneuverability, compared to the regular PaK40 gun.

Professor Erazmus

The last of my current batch of Empire of the Dead figures; Professor Erazmus. The professor is an interesting 'hireling', that may be recruited to your faction, for a suitable fee.

He brings with him a wealth of technological and arcane know how!

I look forward to giving him a whirl in the game...


  1. Where to start, love the Stuka, the Marder are just sensational and as for Professor Erazmus - wow! You have been productive.

  2. Great work on the Stuka and the Marder. I hadn't seen these tanks before. Nice work on the Prof, mine is still partially basecoated

  3. Great work on all of them. I love the Stuka though. The Marder, great unless opposing infantry get close


    1. Thanks Ian. The Marder III H does has a self defense MG, so its not entirely helpless... ;-)

  4. Looks great. Is the JU 87G not at a disadvantage due to its lack of maneuvrability and loss of speed due to the cannon sponsons in the new rules?

    1. The factors you mention, do not come into play in FoW rules... Cannons hit any teams under the template on a 3+, whereas bombs hit on 4+. Cannons hit side armour of the tank, whereas bombs hit thinner top armour. The main difference is that bombs have a higher firepower so you are more likely to get a kill with a bomb, if you can get a hit. Cannons will generally hit more easily but often only bail out the affected tank...

  5. Great stuff all around. Love that professor. Still need to play more air war games. Best, Dean

  6. Fantastic looking models Scott. Really like the Stuka!!


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