Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Normandy terrain finished - Bocage and Bunker


A frantic day with the hot glue gun has seen the Bocage hedgerows finished.

A few pics for your enjoyment.

The bocage.
The maze like bocage... to the right of the above shot, are my regular hedges so you can see how much bigger these sections are.

Bocage gate
What lies hiding behind the hedgerows?...


5cm KwK Nest

After finishing the bocage I was able to finish the paintjob on the bunker. 

I may still add some camo netting, but I have simply ran out of time now, and we fly out tomorrow on holiday...

A big thanks to my wife who has run around herself all day getting everything ready for the holiday while I sat at my hobby desk...

This bunker was also a handy little practice run for using some of the materials and techniques I will be scratchbuilding my VSF steam powered vehicles with.

See you all in a week or so...


  1. I love the bocage! Do you have a link to the Lollipop sticks you used? I'm struggling to find simular sized sticks.

    Thanks Ben

    1. Hey Ben, I got them from Petes Emporium in Porirua, NZ. They were $3NZ a pack (I used 3 packs).


      As mentioned they are wax application sticks... if you cant find any locally, I can look into getting some for you and posting them over...

    2. Thanks Scott, some who I missed the waxing part.....

    3. No worries, I mentioned it in the Bocage-WIP-Part1 post...

  2. Fantastic hedgerows Scott. They look perfect!

  3. Excellent bocage and bunker

  4. Wow! The bocage looks excellent! So does the bunker!

  5. Looks just great! Your table will for sure be a spiffy one!


  6. Guys , thanks for all your kind comments, much appreciated.
    I look forward to playing some games with it all now its done.
    I'll obviously add bits and pieces to the selection of terrain over time (including finishing the 5 remaining Kerr and King buildings).
    But for now I'm content :-)

  7. That came together really fast. It looks great, and might be even easy enough for a guy like me to take a chance doing it. I'm looking forward to some battle reports with this terrain.

  8. Brill job, Scott! They look excellent. I hope you're having a great vacation.

  9. That Bocage is really good! I remember playing Normandy Bocage games with our Airfix troops and vehicles back in the seventies. Brings it all back!

  10. Lovely terrain Scott but in the words of Mr T "I pity the fool" who has to advance through it, every yard must have been a nightmare for the PBI.

  11. Thanks again guys for all the positive feedback.
    Back from holiday now, after a pleasant restful time, and about to get it all ready for the demo game on Sunday (15th July).

    Report and pictures no doubt will follow...


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