Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gepanzerte Panzer Grenadier HQ - AHWPC

I finally managed to make my first submission to the...

I have been busy ploughing on with my plethora of halftracks, and whilst working on the core of the combat platoons vehicles have also had time to work on the HQ vehicles and infantry command teams of the HQ group.

These came to a final conclusion this last weekend with the basing of the infantry and decals and aerials added to the command half tracks.

The whole command group

Here above you can see the whole command group from the boxed set from Battlefront. I also ordered some extra Panzerfaust models to add into the command figures, to convert them to command panzerfaust teams. I used up the optional panzerknacker models as regular grenadiers in the background positions of the command bases to bump up the numbers on the bases. (I already have command panzerknacker teams from my Festungskompanie)

CiC command 251/1 D Half track

To make the command vehicles stand out a little better on the table, I added aerials to the vehicles from plastic bristles cut from a kitchen broom and superglued into place. I also researched the correct vehicles numbers to use, thanks to an article of the Battlefront website.

CiC - SMG Panzerfaust team

2iC armoured transport 251/1 D half track

2iC - SMG panzerfaust team

HQ Anti-tank team armoured transport; 251/1 D

HQ Anti-tank asset - Panzershrek team
Combat platoon commander - SMG Panzerfaust team

Combat platoon commander - SMG Panzerfaust team

I just need to scrounge an NCO figure and spare grenadier and I can make my third required GPG platoon commander SMG Panzerfaust team...

Another thing I tried for the first time on these infantry teams are the Silflor bufallo clump static grass clumps. The patches of static grass that actually appear to stick up as a clump. I rather like them.

These guys got their first formal outing at the Te Horo Hootenaney in previous post.

I am rather looking forward to the tactics I can develop now with these guys under the new FoW V3 rules.

I have just realised when the 251's of the combat platoons are fully loaded up (2 or more teams onboard), they count as having tank escorts too, thats going to increase the amount of MG fire the vehicles can spit out on the move to 5 dice (3 for hull MG, 1 for Passenger fired AA MG and 1 for tank escorts) and further help in the German special Mounted armoured transport assault rules, rolling two dice in the mounted assault.. Got to love it! I already have medium tank support for these troops, I just need to add some Artillery, Recce, and maybe some dedicated mobile AA, and I'll have a fairly combined arms force.

Oh, my boxed set of PSC Panthers just arrived in the mail today too, so that will add some stronger panzer support too :-)


  1. What a great post and fantastic first addition to your competition tally. Absolutely superb attention to detail and I am somewhat taken by the buffalo clumps too; will certainly be on the look out for some of those.

  2. Great work Scott, not tried the buffalo clumps before having seen them I will be parting with some cash

    1. Thanks for following Andrew. Yep the buffalo clumps are good, and easy to use.

  3. Super work and hat an entrance into the comp!


  4. Very nice work, I love the dark finish

  5. Very nice half-tracks have a good weathered look to them

  6. Very good work!

    The 251 is great and the squads look really, really nice.

    Maybe the skin tone is a bit too orange. Or is it just the picture?
    Unfortunately some of my British suffer from the same illness. I painted the later in a slightly browner shade (Citadel Talarn Flesh with Elf Flesh).


    1. Hi, you may have a point with the skin tone. I may go back and add a touch of highlight to it, and re-varnish. There again, its the summer of '44, they've been in theatre a while, have got a suntan and been a bit grubby too?? ;-)

  7. Fantastic work Scott. Very impressive.

  8. you did a great job on these guys well done worth all that effort

  9. Thanks again Guys, its appreciated :-)


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