Saturday, August 28, 2010

Evils of the North

A great many evil creatures run in the wilds of Eriador, that now dwell in the lands that was once the Kingdom of Arnor.

Buhrdur, a great cave troll captain, leads trolls and orcs in battles with the Rangers of the North, and the Elves of Rivendell.

Packs of wargs also bring terror to the remaining peoples of the north, the howl of the wolf is ever heard in the wilds of Eriador. Here a great chieftain of wargs has slain a ranger and feasts on his body.

Spectres also emerge from the dank marshes and pools, that have swallowed the graves of the fallen in battle. Dread spirits sent by the Witch King of Angmar, animate and maintain these spectral rotting corpes, to lure the unwary to their doom, or waylay travelers in the wild lands.

A spectre of an elven warrior

A spectre of the armies of men under Elendil from time of the battle of the Last Alliance.

A spectre of an orc soldier.


  1. Beautiful stuff. Though beautiful is probably not the right word :)

  2. excellent painting. Found your blog off of Rough War (of the Ring) blog.

    I have a game blog and havent put my WOTR stuff up yet, but hoping to.

    Im working on a painting tutorial for 28mm British for the AWI, for rookies like me. :)

    love the figs you did, they look nice.

    Please check it out some time, always looking to build contacts on gaming.


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