Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Seeing Seat at Amon Hen

The Seeing Seat. A structure built by the ancient Kings of Gondor. It was built upon the summit of Amon Hen, one of three peaks at the southern end of Nen Hithoel, located on the western banks of the River Anduin. The hill was also known as the "Hill of the Eye" and also "Hill of Sight".
The Seat itself was a throne built upon a pillared structure. It was said, one who sat in the Seat of Seeing could see all the lands for hundreds of miles around. Also known as the Seat of Amon Hen.

Upon an neighboring peak; Amon Lhaw ("Hill of the Ear"), was located the Seat of Hearing.

It was at this location, in both book and movie, that the fellowship of the rings was torn apart by internal strife as Boromir sought to take the ring from Frodo, at the same time as a party of orcs and uruks converged on the party, seeking to reclaim the ring.

Boromir ultimately paid for his act, being slain defending the hobbits Merry and Pippin, having been pierced by many orc arrows. He fought on bravely non the less, and was found near death by Aragorn. Frodo and Sam head off on their own journey to Mordor, whilst Aragorn leads Gimli and Legolas after the uruks who have captured Merry and Pippin, and are taking them to Saruman at Isengard.

Here, Frodo contemplates his future, still clutching the ring, having escaped the threat from Boromir's madness.

Here we see Aragron, defending Frodo from the approaching uruks lead by Lurtz. Yes I know, the eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed these are uruk warriors, not scouts. I must apologise, but I haven't got the uruk scouts painted yet!

The terrain piece was made by following the guide in the Fellowship of the Ring journey book. It is constructed from foamboard and polystyrene, with wooden dowels used for the pillars. The whole was skimmed where necessary with interior skim coat filler. Then sand textured paint was made using an equal parts mix of black paint, PVA glue and fine sand. It was then painted in successively lighter tones of grey, and finished with scenic flock.

An enjoyable interlude to painting figures, and and very nice atmospheric terrain pieces too for the Lord of the Rings battle game.

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