Sunday, April 06, 2008

A tale of salty seadogs! Games Workshops' Legends of the High Seas!

Ah harr ship mates, as fine a crew as you could hope to muster! Place your mark here and sign on for the voyage!

When the opportunity to do a little pirate skirmish war-gaming came along with the recent release of Games Workshops Legends of the High Seas, by Tim Kulinski, I and a few of the other Kapiti Fusiliers jumped at the chance.
It would be a nice break from large armies and long detailed games, to a game that can be a lot of fun , played relatively quickly and with a handful of models. So not too expensive to get involved in, enough historical basis to be interesting, and a free hand at colours and uniforms.

For me it was a welcome change from the 15mm Flames of War camouflage colours I had been busy with most recently, and great fun getting back to 28mm figures and flamboyant colours.

All the figures are from Foundry's 25mm Cutthroats range, and were purchased as part of a horde deal, and split up between those taking part.

I painted them up in my usual manner using GW and Foundry acrylic paints. Black undercoat to start, do the eyes, then work up the colours from a dark base tone, and add lighter tones to finish the figure. This technique may be referred to as "Impressionist" or "Dallimore".

The figures were based on NZ 10cent coins, with a little fine gravel and static grass for decoration. We chose these relatively small base sizes to allow for closer model placement, in the cramped confines of shipboard action.

The Pirate Captain. Armed with sword and 3 pistols.

First Mate with pistols and sword, sheathed.

Second Mate, with Sword pistol and whip, to keep those seadogs in line!

Quartermaster, for ships supplies, with pistol and parrot!

Cut throat armed with Musket and sword.

Rogue with pistol and sword.

Rogue with pistol and sword.

Rogue with pistol and sword.

We have still yet to start playing as other players are still busy painting their crews. And there is a degree of model making required, as I find my crew in need of a ship. A major model making undertaking as one could hope for! Wish me luck.

I hope to report back with tales of daring-do, and piracy on the high seas of the early 18th century, the Golden Age of Piracy!

As the campaign develops and crews increase in size, I hope to report back with details to new crew additions.

Blog update 24/10/8: More Crew additions:-

Ugly Betty! No matter how I tried, this girl has very heavy features. I tried painting her as a negro (I hope thats an OK word to use(?) and I mean no offence by it), but it didnt look right, so I went back to being a caucasian again. Lets face it if a girls going to turn to pirating she better be tough, and I wouldn't want to meet this girl in dark alleyway! ;-)

I call this guy Turk, no prizes for guessing why! I guess he a kind of Barbary Coast type.

Freed slave turned to piracy.

Rogue with twin cutlasses, he better be good on the charge as he has no pistol to back things up from a distance

Jimmy the Knife, don't upset him or he'll pin you to the wall.

Traditional pirate

Another freed plantation slave keen to get revenge on his former masters

Big black guy of arabian decent. A eunoch? I'll let you ask him!

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