Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vampiric Boardgame goings on...?

After our gaming evening the other night, that I mentioned in my previous post, my son was asking me if I knew of any Vampire/Dracula boardgames...

There are two that I am aware of...


Vampyre was a fun little paper and card counters game from TSR back in the early 1980's... What I recall I liked about it, was the clever two phases of the game, the first part being a map based search for the Vampire round eastern Europe, and then when you had the vampire cornered in his lair, you turned over the map to reveal a castle floor plan, and you had to search the castle, beat the bad guys and kill the vampire. 

Great fun as I recall...

Of course my copy from 30+ years ago has long since disappeared... If anyone still has a copy of this in reasonable condition, that they would part with, I am interested (PM me or comment below).

Which leads me to ...

Fury of Dracula:

Fury of Dracula was a game originally released by GW I believe(?), back in the days when they were a games shop, and not just a 40k & WFB shop...

I never bought it then, but its always remained in my mind as a possibilty to get. More recently the game has been taken over by FantasyFlightGames.

However, I note this game seems to be just the chase across the European Map part of things, with, from what I have read, a disappointing final combat sequence. Some reviews also consider the map play 'dull'.

And I know my son will want some feel of confronting the Vampire / Dracula on the tabletop!

So, what do people think? Whats a good Vampire game these days that will convey a sense of the chase / hunt, plus a good scrap at the end?

I had actually pondered the idea of using Fury of Dracula, as a back drop to a Empire of the Dead Campaign...? Play out the chase across the map, then once the beast is cornered, break out the miniatures for a table top game???


All comments and suggestions welcome!


  1. It's D&D but I suggest Castle Ravenloft board game. I've not played it myself but I've heard a lot of good things about it.

    I'm not too familiar many board games, but that one sprang to mind.

  2. I own Fury of Dracula and have enjoyed it, but probably have not played it enough to get out of the "learning game" stage. I think with a skilled/crafty guy playing the GM/Dracula, the mystery of trying figure out where Dracula is and more importantly where he'll go next is a lot of fun. Like Bram Stoker's book, once you find him Dracula is pretty much toast, so it's the trill of the hunt that makes the game.

    There are a few YouTube FoD reviews out there that might be helpful. Using the game board/map as a basis of a EoD campaign is worth thinking about where players fight mini battles across the map to discover clues, rescue would be victims, cleanse vampire hideouts, and finally put a stake to the big guy.

    But alas... such thoughts are for September and October around here. :-)

  3. I really enjoyed playing FOD , and have the old GW version. As Jason says it is the thrill of the chase, as you are tracking the Count across Europe but can't see where he is, just follow rumours and drained corpses, and of course he can just turn on one of the players anytime....


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