Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Next Generation, Part2: Paint Station

In an effort to further encourage my son to get to grips with painting his 8th Army troops, I decided to make him his own 'paint station'. I roughly copied the 'GW design'... though I put the water container holder on the left of the station as he's left handed.

Its a simple construction made from 3mm MDF sheet. Pieces were cut out using a power-jigsaw, and sanded before being glued together with PVA wood glue. I considered using some small panel pins too, but 3mm is very thin to get one in without it splitting the MDF anyway, so I left it with glue only.

Very cheap to do, I think theres's probably less than $5 worth of MDF here. I'm not the best woodworker in the world, but it wasn't difficult to do, took about an hour or so...

Here's a quick plan:

...and the station as is...

So now he can set this on his desk, that can be put beside my painting table, when he wants to get some work done. And he wont be hogging my painting area so I can get on too!

Just need to get him an angle-poise lamp that can fix to the side of his desk and we're away.

As you can see from top picture, we have the first 24 infantry figures undercoated so far...

Like father like son...


  1. Can you be my Dad!!! I want one too!!!

  2. Oh, very nice! I'd pay for one custom-measured to fit into my painting desk! You could be onto something here!

  3. Very smart. Do not underestimate your woodworking skills. This would be way beyond me and I am not alone (which is how others can charge a fortune for these!)

  4. Sweet mate. I have been planning to make a lap one as i tend hunch when at the table which does no good for this young back of mine :D

  5. That's good work but needs to be messier.....

  6. Super Dad! Who could fail to be inspired when met with such encouragement; delightful.

  7. Thanks Guys :-)

    @Ray - I'll drop a line to NZ immigration, to see what I can do... ;-)

    @Roly - I'm sure that could be arranged, let me know the dimension you'd need...

    @Angry - no doubt it will get messier very soon, just wait till he knocks over his first paint pot! (Though I do have the blu-tac trick up my sleev to try and prevent this...)

  8. good job ;D very nice ;D following !

  9. Looks great to me! You're not only a talented painter, but also a carpenter! I know yuor son will enjoy it! Best, Dean

  10. That's a slick set up. I sure wish I had that level of organization. It would probably save me a lot of grief from spilling paint and glue on my models. You've got your son off to a great start!

  11. Pretty awesome Dad, you are. Well done. Now you can both hang out and paint together - very cool.



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