Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tank Hunter teams - Panzer Lehr FoW, & Beach WIP

Another set of figures finished just before Easter, were the Tank Hunter teams for the 'conversion' of the Gepanzerte PanzerGrenadiers, to Panzer Lehr status. Each GPG platoon in Lehr gets three PanzerShrek teams to supplement the infantry teams. These combined with a PanzerFaust SMG command team makes these platoons very resilient to armour. I have only eight teams here, the last one is on order, and will be painted as soon as it arrives.

In the meantime I am pressing on with my Howitzers. I have finished the guns, and the cast resin scenic bases and the staff cars all painted ready for varnish. I am working through the gun crews which shouldn't take too long as they don't have a lot of equipment on them, which speeds up painting. With luck I'll have them done for the weekend.

And pressing on with more terrain activities...

Well you can't fight a beach amphibious assault without a beach so... I made a start over Easter.

Its a 2cm thick sheet of polystyrene glued to a 3mm MDF sheet. Then I sliced and cut and shaved and sanded it down to a slope. Finally PVA sand to it.

The only thing is, the sand here (west coast of NZ north island) is a lot darker than the sand of the Normandy beaches so I am going to have to paint a lighter shade to get the right effect.

After that I have some plastic L-strut on order to make a load of beach anti-tank obstacles, which will be glued into place before I box off the the seaward end and fill it water-effect resin.

That's all for now , back to painting my howitzers...


  1. My word you have been busy. The new troops will certainly pack a punch and I'm very excited about the new beachhead; looking forward to updates.

  2. Very nice work there Scott. Looking forward to seeing the beach take shape.


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